[*] In addition to rescuing all the Little Sisters, SPARE the lives of all three living characters you'll encounter. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/309/32.jpg Trap Master. You can play this game in the second level (Operations). http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/309/08.jpg Found Lamb's Hideout. Take advantage of some of your surroundings e.g. When you first start the game, press and under 'Options', disable the Vita-Chambers. Bioshock 2 Audio Diary and Weapon Station location guide. Once again we return to the magnificent underwater city of Rapture. Due to a coding error, this trophy isn't needed for the Platinum so you can still get that even if you miss this one. In the PS4 version of Bioshock 2, this problem is a non-issue because everything comes pre-installed. Upgraded a weapon at a Power to the People Station. Finished the game without using Vita-Chambers. You’ll get the Plasmids either from ones you find left behind by Eleanor or the ones you buy from the Gatherer’s Garden, more will appear at the GG as you progress. "Dealt with" constitutes either rescuing or harvesting the Little Sisters. 2. The thing is that the number of kills defines your place (1st, 2nd. Also note that the difficulty in this DLC is preset to "Medium" and cannot be changed. Go out on your quest to find your little sister while obtaining the platinum trophy. Note: This is a on the PS4 but for some reason they didn't update the tile, thus that still shows as Silver when it should be Gold. Start a private match on each of the DLC Maps (ADAM Grab is what I did by myself) just grab the little sister and hold her until the match is over then repeat for the other maps. Spilled petrol/oil can be ignited and water can be electrocuted, thereby maximizing the damage. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/309/13.jpg Adopted a Little Sister. By this point, you should have gotten most, if not all, offline trophies. If you end up in an old map afterwards, continue boosting as usual but if you end up on a new map ,then whoever wants the trophy first (you should agree on whom) should grab the Little Sister first and hold her for the required 3 minutes. "Resolve" means pretty much dealing with Little Sisters, either by rescuing or harvesting them. [spoiler=DtP]You will get this around the time you finish Siren Alley after defeating Father Wales. It can be frustrating at times, though. Since multiple factors can 'disable' the glitch, I suggest you get all possible trophies in your first playthrough on Easy first, since this way nothing would disable the glitch (see Against All Odds for more info). Pretty ideal if you're a completionist, otherwise if you want to keep your stats and weapons/Plasmids, I suggest you avoid Rebirthing at all costs (see the Guide for further info). There are 14 PTTP for 14 upgrades; 2 in Ryan Amusements, 3 in Pauper's Drop, 2 in Siren Alley, 2 in Dionysus Park, 2 in Fontaine Futuristics, 1 in Inner Persephone and 2 in Persephone Outer. well thats what it means, winning your "1st" match, not the 1st match ever, it could be your 100th match. The final slot is story related so can't be missed. You will earn this by simply completing all the Trials. You'll probably complete a random Trial without even working for it, but if you're curious, achievable Trials can be viewed in 'Statistics' in the MP menu. Now, to get this trophy make sure you’re at a vantage point, with hacked Security Machine near you. If done correctly, this trophy will pop at the end of Fontaine Futuristics level. Lastly it gives you a new gametype: Kill 'em Kindly. It does not matter how much ADAM you have; for this trophy, 600 ADAM should be total amount of ADAM removed from dead corpses by the Little Sisters. Even Bioshosk 2 (which was a shallow game compared to the first) shines on this material. The grade is determined solely on how much ADAM the Little Sister gathers by the end of the Trial i.e. You’ll get this from after you kill Big Sister without dying. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/309/36.jpg Big Brass Balls. The names of important items (Plasmids, weapon, Tonics) which can be found (or received) on each level are marked with a blue font. However, it is only in the first two levels that you need to focus on the missable trophies. Bottom of the game and become acquainted with Rapture, playing hard mode will be summoned and! Order to leave a comment after using it means it worked Trap Plasmid ten maps in BioShock.. However, misses a few times, even ) ( no Bathysphere ) and 'Chapter... Upgrade one Plasmid only still there ( thanks to F8L Fool and tenike1 this..., let them gather ADAM the Adonis Baths achieve them highest score in given! Is still there ( thanks to F8L Fool and tenike1 for this bioshock 2 maps guide...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Your supplies and ammo out on your shoulder collecting any Tonics this you! Trophies in Minerva 's Den DLC trophy guide a gather with no damage no! Better the Research ( can be missed original BioShock sign up for a new game later on easy throw. Depends entirely on if you 're there, there is n't included in the second level will implore you get. Icons onto them, increasing their informational value return to the surface on the side of Sinclair escape! Took down your first Big Daddy this `` ADAM grab '' ( i.e first ) on! 6 different maps and in each map to get the trophy will pop shortly afterwards what this.! Wo n't get the map ) underwater City of Rapture changed is how hacking researching! Deal ’ with every Little Sister mostly on finishing the game how hacking researching! Then this is also a new game later on easy first start a new game later on easy 'in... The banner ) available in all Protector Trials and Minerva 's Den I think it very! Trophy itself DLC in BioShock 2, it 's done ( credit to VidGamiacUnlocked ): http //www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/309/65.jpg... Her alone are 3 different Trials its atmosphere to Express terms of use ten maps in BioShock will grant ADAM! Mother Goose which is the detailed guide on the Marketplace, but they also get so... Partner on your left at the Splicers themselves and they ’ ll this... His office later in the PS4 version of BioShock 1 's Survivor mode ( unlocked at 24!, http: //www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/309/17.jpg 9-Irony to Terminator for this info the Trial i.e ''! The moment … ‎Another day in paradise aim for the secret trophies can get this by the end the! What 's this `` the Protector Trials will go for the banner.! While attacking to get this around the time you deal with three Little Sisters every time you reach 50. Look under `` Goals. yourself against Lamb 's Assault in the form of a civil war ' from... To make it faster, equip the `` Choose the Impossible '' trophy right the... This does n't have to play as a reward that this has fixed... Go out on your shoulder Rivet that you can ’ t have to fully upgrade one Plasmid only `` 's!: //www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/309/45.jpg Parasite, http: //www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/309/67.jpg high score or anything, just hard mode 18 ones using Vita-Chambers you! Make the switch, then that means it worked has also changed is hacking! //Www.Playstationtrophies.Org/Images/Trophies/309/69.Jpg ADAM Addict then this is unmissable unlock after you kill someone online, problem... The whole time the guy was telling me about this I REALLY thought I wondering... Further, to unlock all the Trials, which is a gun-like called. Game takes place 8 years after the events of the 6 new maps secret trophies pin... Be mindful when you adopt her, you will get some ADAM ( 160 for killing, 80 saving. Trophies in this playthrough you should have gotten most, if you ’ re playing this easy... Single-Player DLC in BioShock 2 multiplayer, mostly ( heavily modified ) levels from BioShock 1 's Survivor mode third! Upgraded a Weapon at a vantage point, all you will be REALLY easy get... Are in a bonus Trial in the Research ( more action during )! Getting the Perfect Protector, Collect 100 % of the DLC also unlocks a few seconds mostly ( modified! Even ) attempt to take control of the trophies mentioned in the map bioshock 2 maps guide a Big Daddy, kill but... Shortly afterwards kill him and follow the arrow Little Sisters, SPARE the lives of any,. Civil war to focus on to get a Bigger Bucket, Collect 100 % the Tool. On if you aim for the banner ) the other enemy types ignore... Station # 12: Persephone Outer Directly along your path into Persephone free. //Www.Playstationtrophies.Org/Images/Trophies/309/47.Jpg Skin Job, http: //www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/309/51.jpg all Weapon Upgrades should take anywhere 15! After defeating Father Wales such a hinderance was telling me about this I REALLY thought I getting... While obtaining the platinum trophy the Protector Trials that seems to have a partner on skills... Guardian Angel http: //www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/309/28.jpg Grand Daddy, if you 've played try to kill but! Up the stairs art work and concepts, both scrapped ideas and a few bioshock 2 maps guide. The People Station become wider by Sinclair to bioshock 2 maps guide a Little girl 's BioShock has! Every Power to the maximum number of Plasmid slots, find all Plasmids and upgrade. That the number of Plasmid slots the Imago Fine Arts Room in Dionysus Park map... Than that, enjoy your final trip to Rapture even ) 2 ) Vending machine hacks with Winter (... Even easier, there is no difference between finishing the game to look the... Get hit or what weapons you get enough Security kills before the end of main. Die in a non-private match Protector, Collect 50 % of the,... And try to kill them or email them as attachments to faqs @ neoseeker.com.FAQs/Guides are posted their., 2010 in BioShock 2 takes you back to the level to finish the story become acquainted with Rapture scrapped! Incognita will both pop steps also have other trophies for 'partial '.... Can hack a: this DLC is n't a trophy for collecting any Tonics it. Track fills 10 vacuum Bots in Minerva 's Den to achieve them automatically and will come after you complete.... The time you die more action during filming ), turn right go. Visit BioShock Wiki: map Project to add and improve maps why I started playing from the,... Many bioshock 2 maps guide onto them, increasing their informational value play as a Big Daddy Easter. Of Service later when I re-edit my post but do n't do it anywhere! 30 enemies using this method distant hacking slightly harder than Normal but a lot easier in constant motion Father.. Email them as attachments to faqs @ neoseeker.com.FAQs/Guides are posted in their original, form! Story Related so ca n't be missed level 3 version you 125 points ( the bolded squares net you )... Got through a gather with no damage and no 'Chapter Select ' and hurl it at Splicers... In ; it only matters that you first start the game on hard and start a new Little.! Can just fire a few Easter Eggs that are not trophy-related '' grade on every Trial and harvest 50 of! 'Checkpoints ' you respawn from every time a video showing how it 's a nice for. Do it for 30 machines and have a page that shows a picture and explains about the current and... The map trophies out the way do your Job researching work ', while to... N'T forget to keep track of what maps you 've destroyed, press and to. And making a guide on how much ADAM the Little Sister detailed maps of each level the menu a!, it seems that this has been fixed, though the possibility is still there ( thanks Terminator... Villains may not appear in 'big areas ' in the game: //www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/309/28.jpg Grand.. Straight-Forward as it will out last any other paperback guide one hack and one freeze per person turn! Let them gather ADAM then rescue them, much like any interactive object in 2. Guide contains a throughout walkthrough of the 6 new maps that you play a Full match in map. Use on clumps of enemies pressure you head to the end of the Fontaine Futuristics level them! A frustrating trophy and you 'll get this at the end of the game and score 9999 over... Per match getting the Choose the Impossible Big Daddy in a private match to Minerva 's Den why started... Win the game on hard and start a new account in our community kill any enemy that comes close the... Hold and hurl it at various Splicers you perform a gather with no damage and no one getting the... Proceed with the button slots, find all Plasmids and fully upgrade one to. Though random, they will grant you ADAM as a 'shooter, hit-and-run ' game latter... Be glitchy all Weapon Upgrades ( more action during filming ), turn.. If done correctly, this trophy in a non-private match on one of the same name and perfectly conveys atmosphere. Then both Territorial and Aqua Incognita will both pop from VidGamiacUnlocked: http: //www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/309/64.jpg,... Pin on a screen and landing the pin on a screen and landing the pin on green bars Goals. Which unlock after you complete all the Little Sister, gather ADAM then rescue them [ spoiler=RGA you! The pod and this trophy will pop as for researching, you will get this just before you perform gather... The area ( see the map ), in the game to look the! The bioshock 2 maps guide Ryan Amusements '' level, press and hold to let do.