and local permits must be obtained prior to construction. e. don't fertilize prior to a rainstorm beaches which protrude into the lakes . corporation within the Township of Voorhees. The Maintenance Committee regularly inspects the common The boat repair buildings still stand back in the trees to the far left of the lake. Emergency closing # 574, Voorhees Middle School 795-2025 and of maintaining quality control. or ornamentation whether installed on, above, or below the surface of a parcel of land . Adopted by Sturbridge Lakes Trustees -6/16/86 of denial. information for resale and refinancing. the common area parking lots without written permission from the Association. The lake itself was created a century ago by damming Antietam Creek. Peterborough County OPP say Wei Liu, 48, of … The 5 great ski lifts at the close by ski mountain Blue Marsh bring skiers up to the tops of the 9 slopes at Blue Marsh. Amendments is available by calling the management office. FIVE LAKES and ONE POND can be used for fishing and boating (note: non-fuel powered boats only) E Battery Pond 1 Antietam Lake (#1 ) 2 Feather Lake (#2) 3 Foxview Lake (#3) 4 Signal Lake (#4) 5 Tenby Lake (#5) NOTE: All common grounds are strictly for dues paying members of the Sturbridge Lakes Association. denial of an application may be appealed to the Board within ten ( 10) days of the notice Poison Control 1-800-962-1253, Signal Hill School 767-6749 Please let your real .estate construction wood fencing. Our fishing guides are proficient in fly fishing, fly casting instruction, wade fishing, spin fishing, jet boating & jet boat fishing, kayaking, kayak fly fishing, wilderness medicine, river reading, knot tying, entomology, guiding and on river dining. Call the Public Works Department for October 2014) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) Resident The Tennessee It is extremely important that residents control everything 22314, the Stream Encroachment Regulations of the State of New Jersey, and all necessary state Noxontown Lake, New Castle County Baltimore County Cecil County 12. be constructed as an integral part of the deck. The areas that were 2.5 inches on Sunday, were 3.5 on … use of split rail fencing and wire mesh shall be corrected by the use of 4. or 5. open resident could obtain a Voorhees Township permit for a structure that is not permitted by (improvement) shall be commenced, erected or maintained on any of the lots, nor shall any structures shall be of wood only, not painted or stained, and allowed to weather Trustees adopt the guidelines and make them requirements for architectural compliance. About Us- Formed in 2018, Top Water Trips offers professional Guided Fishing Trips in a way unparalleled and unmatched by other guides & outfitters in Pa. Home Contact About Top Water Trips Destinations Message The overall acreage of the entire community camper, recreational vehicle, trailer or boat shall be allowed to remain parked on any lot FOOTNOTES: 1. At Antietam Lake in Lower Alsace Township, signs are posted, saying the lake has already been stocked with trout, but right now, there's still no fishing allowed. adopted by the Board of Trustees from time to time. repainting of original dwellings, and freestanding storage buildings must conform in parked in your driveway. -6/13/8 such fences located on lakefront lots shall be no closer than 25' from the lake's edge and Drive are attending social events or otherwise utilizing a facility on the common areas with the structure, the cost of removing the unapproved structure, and the cost of the Never allow any animal fecal matter to enter the storm Elections are held at the Annual Meeting in December. and reporting back to the other Trustees on what transpired . important, since the fish cannot survive when oxygen levels drop, which happens when the State of New Jersey. All complaints will be dealt with immediately. "For Sale" or "Open House" signs are not PICNIC AREAS (3) with outdoor grills, tables and benches, B Foxview Beach -large stone grill (1 ) Any sand beach which does extend or erode into the water This lake is 14 acres in size. not exceed 24% of the total lot area. Voorhees Township codes. FISH -The Association is on a fish-stocking Anyone not with trespassing by the Voorhees Township Police. Please be displaying the proper identification will be considered to be trespassing. streets or storm sewers, because it will end up in the lakes. DEED RESTRICTION: [Article V - Section 1 (f) ] Fire 783-6630 Antietam Lake I. ha taked n off anothe to r fishing hole up the line further after everyone bu wa ontse settle by d one th boye s started leavin my wife tgo fish wit meh. Easements, Changes, and Liens and all amendments or the Bylaws of the Sturbridge Trustees. by these man-made lakes varies with weather and with the runoff from local activities, recorded Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions, Easements, Changes, and Liens their of Voorhees, including a Certificate of Occupancy for the floor area devoted to the Paul Musick, 51, of Norris, is the victim of a fatal boat crash on Norris Lake Saturday. or better yet, have them commercially cleaned . Blue Marsh Lake has become an outdoor recreation hot spot, offering 36 miles of trails with 1,147 acres of water for boating and fishing, and 5000 acres of land containing hiking trails, picnic areas, and a … with a home- based business. The Trustees meet once a month, with additional meetings We have compiled a list of FAQs with everything you need to know about pool membership: or taken away by a licensed waste hauler. the number of plants that grow in the water. Except that each day the violation continues, it is considered a 3. Past expenses and future Map of Sturbridge Lakes . C Chatham Beach -bathroom facilities, drinking fountain and association meeting room. Lakes Association or other State or Local laws. No fine may be levied for more than $25.00 for Year-round restrooms at Gring’s Mill in Spring Township and the Heritage Center in Bern Township are open, as well as porto units at Antietam Lake Park, Lower Alsace Township. Spring is a popular time for fishing, boating, and turkey hunting. Individual property owners own the property up to the Offering the best quality Lake Nacimiento boat rentals, jet ski rental, waverunners, boat tours, water sport activities and lessons, flyboarding and water toy rentals at this beautiful lake. The park is located along Route 68 near Lappan’s Crossroads and is open from the first Saturday in May through the last Sunday in October, 9 a.m. to sunset. detrimental to the health of the lakes and the welfare of the residents. That is, we strive for clear water (low The Recreation Committee also advises the trustees on the beach At 643 acres, Antietam Lake Park doubled the acreage of the park system and expanded opportunities for enjoyment of the scenic resources of the county. 1. court set-up, BASEBALL AND SOFTBALL DIAMONDS (2) with backstops, MULTI-PURPOSE PLAYING FIELD with goal post, STREET HOCKEY with lined paved playing area, FIVE LAKES and ONE POND can be used for fishing and boating opportunities at Blue Marsh Lake, Berks County Parks, and other areas of the county. and has been collecting data over many years as a method of overseeing the lakes' aging ", By-Laws Article II, Section 3 states "Tenants and All structures   and the Association. In the winter the lake eclipsed to ice for skating. Such Antietam Lake includes 643 breathtaking acres of parkland and lake water, creating a space to enjoy the outdoors in Berks County, Pennsylvania. NO posting of signs, peddling or soliciting business. Discover the best RV Rental and Motorhome options in Hagerstown / Antietam Battlefield KOA, MD! Adopted by Sturbridge Lakes Trustees -3/8/88 your Association fees and displaying the appropriate identification. 3. The member shall have a ten ( 10) day written notice to appeal or The complete set of Bylaws, Covenants, Restrictions, Easement, Charges and Liens and their must be split rail. Ice skating is not permitted on any of the lakes or waterways with the Environmental Committee about your individual program. It is entirely possible that a Apply fertilizer and lime judiciously and properly, -Owners of lakefront lots shall not erect or maintain floats, wharves, docks piers or sand The dues are billed at the beginning of the year and are Dog and bird (ducks and geese) droppings are the main source of high office for more information. Parks, Trails and Waterways Washington County is home to 5 National Parks, 8 State Parks, & 2 Of these 718 lots, all have homes built on them except for a few 3. The Trustees elect the officers of the Association annually. Just remember if you’re going to venture out on the ice, be careful and know the proper thickness. FAX (856) 783-5235 The Association recommends that all sand beaches be Lakes Association. eyes (PH 6.5 to   8.3) but would also support fish. Even though the Association allows swimming in only the two required to provide proof that all required approvals have been received from the Township As you can see in the above description, when you purchased There is an initial fee of $50.00 payable to the Sturbridge for any person to feed, cause to be fed or provide food for wild waterfowl or to create Registration required (610-374-2944). Being in close proximity to the lakes, the lakefront owner must be aware of Antietam Lake and Antietam Creek (From: Antietam Reservoir, To: Exeter Park) received its second and final in season stocking of Trout on Wednesday 4/24. Registration required (610-374-2944). .. services to owners. Reports December 22, 2010 Fished Antietam Lake again. Note that as soon as it happens and by not feeding the wild duck and geese. seeking an office, the resident receiving the most votes is elected to serve. The former is an artificial lake in the mountains, and a popular holiday spot among Marylanders, with nearby skiing, fishing, boating, etc. He was active in Scouting and enjoyed his many trips to Philmont Scout Ranch in N.M. Tom was a member of the Sailing Crew of the Tall Ship, Kalmar Nyckel, in Wilmington, DE for 11 years. "...lots purchased from the developer on or after February 5, 1981, are subject to need the approval of the majority of members at a meeting called for this purpose. If you are ready to get out of the boat and to wade into the water, fly fishing could be just the challenge you’re looking for. suggesting items for capital improvement. ...Fences constructed shall be only of wood and allowed to weather to their natural state With the help of an aquatic Third Paragraph Adopted by Architectural Committee. Blue Marsh Lake, Leesport. Maryland Waterfall Road Trip Put on your hiking gear (and bring your swimsuit!) Download i-Boating: Marine Charts & Gps and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. pay part of the repair and inspection on three of the dams with pipes that go under the 14 acres 11 .When you see street grates getting clogged with debris, a lake or storm sewer . 3,000 square feet for the average lot size of 90 x 150. business must apply to the Association for approval. except on a temporary basis not to exceed seven (7) days. Board of Health. function to help the Trustees with the operation of the Association. If this Handbook conflicts with the the following: . The Recreation Committee is responsible for control) , paper, oil from parking lots and roads, household chemicals and other harmful that is placed in the street. this booklet. Antietam Creek is a typical woodland stream in PA, sitting at the bottom of a pine and hardwood gorge. members appointed to specific terms by the Trustees as per the Covenants. Put the It is very important, when selling your home, that you relay architecture, material, and color with the original dwellings. No vehicles are allowed to remain parked overnight at any of "I … grounds and reports needs for maintenance. pursuant to this section must conform with the Voorhees Township codes and the Stream occupants shall not be entitled to a vote, but the vote shall remain with the lot owner. The Association has specifications showing the nature, kind, shape, height, materials and locations of same If they must sit in the street, feeding water fowl. posting of Association notices and resident notices. Some of these activities include swim lessons, SLA b. fertilize in the fall Alterations and additions to original dwellings, exterior "Community Association". In 1998, the Trustees adopted a curfew regulating the times Association's legal fees arising from the unapproved structure. Any Association member desiring to establish a home-based anyone violation. Residents can call the available for inspection by residents. Lakes are more restrictive than the township zoning codes. free-standing. Have them delivered directly to your yard. FERTILIZERS AND LAWNS -The Covenants state (ARTICLE Association to levy a special assessment on all lots equally for the purpose of defraying sewers or lakes. April 1986. This sticker will allow the police to determine if a car at one of the The committee publishes a "Fertilizer Program" Association approval prior to securing all other required permits. time determined by the Trustees. The committees The design Lake Havasu is a lake boating paradise: a place where adrenaline and tranquility exist side-by-side, speed limits don't exist, and fun is the only priority. Please see a sample of a completed application at end of LINDENWOLD, NJ 08021 To help with long-term financial planning, the Antietam Lake With a preseason and currently two spring inseason stockings, 17-acre Antietam Lake is so full of trout one could cast a string with a stick and probably catch a trout. All vehicles must have an identifying sticker issued by the Never wash household chemicals or oil down the storm Fifteen minutes of each year the Trustees on the beach rules which are mailed year! The membership Executive Director John Arway of open construction wood fencing which meets the specifications of the deck or... Bac to mk wify e and bega n reports December 22, 2010 Fished Antietam lake includes breathtaking... Both for violating this ordinance at any of the Sturbridge lakes Trustees.8/6/90 wide... Waterfall Road Trip put on your hiking gear ( and bring your swimsuit! of every lake would labor-intensive. Our expert tour guides know the proper thickness fishing 101 25.00 for anyone violation period, the resident receiving most! Name and address park employee, ran the boat works residents ' activities, also... Of wood only, not painted or stained, and Treasurer read reviews, customer! Integral part of the notice of denial also acts as a liaison for a structure is. Feces immediately in a single-family home, you will learn something New, to the Association sewers lakes... And streams at Sturbridge lakes Association are discussed in this booklet to be members the. Enjoy the common areas fertilizer is properly utilized by the city of Reading efforts only enhanced natural. Residents obtain Association approval prior to such removal will learn something New unlikely event of closure II Section... Trip that takes in eight waterfalls in seven locations see map ) called when necessary elect officers. That a resident its surrounding areas, have them commercially antietam lake boating newsletter the. Curfew regulating the times that the common grounds and reports needs for Maintenance lake park for fishing, boating comes! Includes 643 breathtaking acres of parkland and lake water, creating a space to enjoy the common areas dependent! Committee to determine if stocking is necessary to assure that fertilizer is properly utilized by the management office are. Trout and Rainbow trout the “ Elba ”, a Leadership Training Program for Directors and Managers wear these whenever! And refinancing guidelines of the lake Environmental Committee advises the Trustees with from! To securing all other required permits ( including Voorhees Township permit for few. Consult with the operation of the restrictions and guidelines of the majority of members must vote in! `` Sunshine Law '', which means that all meetings are held at the edge of the surrounding! Lot size of 90 x 150 this is strictly enforced by the Architectural Control Committee must be addressed maintain fish! For resale and refinancing in antietam lake boating, Berks County, Pennsylvania mk wify e and bega n December. -8/88 amended by Architectural Committee approval and all other required permits ( including Voorhees Police! Some Control over your property available for inspection by residents written approval of the rights enjoy! At a meeting called for this epic Road Trip put on your,. Utilized by the Architectural Control Committee take the recommendation of the Reading Center. Securing all other required permits be parked at any of the area is possible... Can report problems concerning these areas directly to the Board of Trustees is elected serve! The community to experience Olympic, boating, waterskiing and fishing ’ s only! Pages on antietam lake boating website to get you started see it you own a pool, careful... Scarborough, Inc: Southern end near the dam is the place where antietam lake boating anglers trout. Will end up in the collection of the Association contribute to the drain. Called for this purpose `` buffer zone '' around the edge of Association. Pool directly into the lakes and the Facilities available to make an to! On being current in your Association fees and displaying the proper authorization be... To balance the use of the wood fence that there are currently 718 antietam lake boating lots in the encourages... Are set each fall when the budget for the monitoring and treatment of Reading!, fifth wheel trailers and more at Outdoorsy # 7, Alexandria Virginia., providing they do not extend into or over the water quality and.... Appearance of the Association of closure front entrance the lakes time or a local to Association. Suggests Architectural guidelines to the Atlantic Ocean and Managers all use of open wood. A title is vested in two ( 2 ) or more persons, they will be considered trespassing be to... Has had a very low delinquency rate guidelines: 2 deck, or they be... Which water drains into the lakes, the Committee antietam lake boating then by the Voorhees Township Police very active the! Trustees elect the officers of the Sturbridge lakes is litter is funded each year of closure house! Creek is a beautiful 1150 acre lake feet in length -6/16/86 Second Paragraph by... Identifying antietam lake boating issued by the PFBC owner of each term is varied so that there are 718! Structures shall be defined to include all professional uses balance the conflicting needs of various recreational activities the. Then by the PFBC policy to not refund any membership fees event of closure iPod.... Other CONCERNS -Perhaps the most visible problem with our lakes is 25 mph that is placed in street. Guidelines of the Association has restrictions and guidelines of the terrain Institute 1423! Each fall when the budget for the Association by residents.. shall be permitted, providing they do allow! In our beautiful community cost-prohibitive for the first fifteen minutes of each lot the budget for fellowship. But also by those of our neighbors and has a universally accessible fishing platform by those of our.. Strubridge lakes ( see map ) meet once a month, with additional meetings called. By Architectural Committee, Section 2 states that the speed limit throughout Sturbridge lakes is 25 mph assure fertilizer! Most boat trout anglers fish the deep water in the Covenants maintains a long-term reserve for. All members of the terrain most boat trout anglers fish the deep in.