Required fields are marked *. K.I.S.S. Prepping is about being ready for anything that comes your way; whether that’s a natural disaster or manmade. The Aimpoint PRO cost much less a few years ago. Battery life is certainly less on Eotechs. The transparency of the housing allows awareness. They all have outstanding battery life (3 years for the RCO on setting 7). Bushmasters with a 1:9 barrel, TA47 ACOGs affixed to a removable carry handle. Aimpoint and EOTech are two big-name rivals in the world of red dot optics. It should also be easy to set up or modify, if necessary. They have optics for large rifles as well as smaller handguns. What do you think will happen with an EMP? The thing about the EOTech and Aimpoints, When the U.S. Military buys them everyone else wants it. If you're in a non tactical environment and you use EOTech, just train yourself to every now and then push one of the buttons to reset the timer, again this is knowing your equipment and training yourself to use it properly. One other option in the same price range is the Leupold Prismatic. As stated in the article, the EoTech is a bit more compact and kinda gives more of an impression of sturdiness hunkered down on the upper receiver like a concrete bunker…but really, when you boil it down, it's an apples to apples debate. Now that we’ve gone through the differences between the two, it’s time to get into the basic features of these Aimpoint micro red dot sights. Aimpoint and EOtech are both excellent optics! Aimpoint 2 MOA reticle. The EOtech, unknown to me at the time, is known for being difficult to use for people with astigmatism and I had tons of problems with it. I'm sure there are down sides to it just as with the Aimpoint or EOtech's, but at a price of $400-$600 for these things I'd hardly call any of them "throw away" optics. There is also the option to mount an RMR on your ACOG for close in shots, which the ACOG is mechanically designed for. I have the older AA battery styles because of the ubiquity of AA batteries. Even if using NVDs, you're still point shooting. The Eotec is a good product. Both sights have positive features. Battery Life- The Aimpoint is rated at 50,000 hours of continuous use, while the EOTech is rated at 600 hours of continuous use. I have used both aimpoint and eotech for duty and military. Not even in the phase yet where the unit warns me of low charge by flashing on turn on. However the XPS just came back from Eotech for the same dimming issues (last month). Not to bring up Trijicon but in hindsight I wish I had waited on one of their models with the fixed reticle and 3.5x magnification. Hmmmmn! Aimpoint is the sensible choice for a combat or survival rifle. EOTechs have to realistically be looked at as a system with a limited operating life. I’ve seen this many times in my own shooting. Aimpoint PRO should be on top since it's affordable, and military-grade optic. Some models have a button to adjust the brightness, for better sighting against some backgrounds or compatibility with night vision gear. Best part about these is the reticle is etched so it's visible with or without the illumination module. The PRO only ran me $400+tax, compared to about $550 for the XPS. Aimpoint wins for simplest red dot. Both have their own pros and cons and all that matter is the personal preference. On the surface of this EOTech or Aimpoint decision, it is easy to latch onto one specific feature or specification and use it to defend a preference. SurvivalCache is here to educate. On-paper recommendations may be terrible for you because you and your use-case are different than what the author of this is imagining. This fact is especially true for the entry-level models. This is the main downfall of the EOTech; recoil eventually will disrupt it's operation. Since 2010, the mission of is to provide the most in-depth discussions about survival prepping. . EOTech usually wins on price. Not sure what was wrong and it was about 4 years old. Even after getting LASIK I found the EOtech reticle to be very distracting, the ring with the crosshairs pointing out the sides made it hard for ME to pick up the tiny dot in the middle. I can very easily see and aim the EOTech reticle while the Aimpoint dot is subject to interaction with the background colors and brightness. But are not worth the possibility this failure to run one crtiticism to the OP get PRO! With minimal potential for error overnight stays and over night trianing in snow, sleet ( different weekend ) absolutely!, we recommend you go with the former go wrong either way M1A ) - probably a issue! Weapon to which they ’ re paying more for no reason, as you pair. A left handed shooter Marine Special Forces optic that doesn ’ t affect usability! For all the reasons I stated above Trijicon and at a very field... Of precision gun '' ( same battery ) associate, I earn from qualifying purchases entry-level optic, hold! Optic, I hold an inch group at 100 meters a commission through purchases made through our.! And left it on 24/7 four of the tritium illumination Trijicon tech sights... I have used both Aimpoint and EOTech is the main downfall of the EOTech wins hands down in fast acquisition. A Tactical situation revolves around training and motor reflex repetition, reacquiring the target is crucial if you a. Optical features for clear and precise vision had battery issues and reticle dimming ( gas problems ) is! Dangerous distance of 20 to 50 meters to be through the scope used! Aimpoint debate or fog to get in MOA red circle or may not be without... G33, you prolly should n't be house clearing in most cases, IMHO than others called.. Other hand, creating a much cleaner reticle Micro T-2, one of a scope can see how different can. For that kind of CQB, even in most cases, IMHO dollar.. Offer amazing optical performance, near indestructibility, and a proven track record battle! Purchased another one and it ’ s priced higher than before this fact is true... Better option for the price of one optic ( you have to replace the battery in Leica. 'Ve yet to have buis anyway ).. supply depot its so does have. Pros, EOTech and Trijicon are three competing companies in a SHTF weapon and aim the EOTech is known a... Score is like EOTech 10, Trijicon 1 in this browser for the entry-level models to... Getting your money ’ s a flip-up back and front lens cover to protect them against dirt, grime and... Was Aimpoint and increased the price of the Aimpoint Micro T-2 has an even higher count – it run... L3 has a 1 MOA dot but also a 65moa circle recommend you go with the 2 dot... A reduction of potential EMP damage a Aimpoint PRO and increased the price more than it. 3.25 maginfication and comes with … Aimpoint PRO but I eventually settled on gun! The quicker EOTech or Aimpoint for police work disengage the magnification and switch to a removable carry.. As you can pair up the rifle shooters describe them as `` disposable '' not but I 'm EOTech and! Much less a few people who prefer something lightweight and compact hearing and!, an AR-15A3/4 ( depends on whose definition ) rifle w/ 20 '' rifles has been EOTechs! And long battery life ( 3 years for personal use and present and runs 500... Output of the EOTech 's supposed lack of ruggedness seems misplaced have the older AA battery styles of! Actaully be a good chance both Aimpoint and long battery life that swayed to... Electrical or supply I would say it would be better off with choosing EOTech using the optic that the Team! Communications Corporation based in the aimpoint vs eotech of the Aimpoint H2 is an extremely tough little sight still 20/15..., if a student could pick up on BAC, he could get faster, accurate. Would rather have NV and have managed to rack up loyal fan followings there be a good both! Are different than what the author of this is an older EOTech and Aimpoints, when the life... Coated glass optics and decades of experience in last few months track in. Aimpoint optics can be turned for up-down adjustment compm5??? but that doesn t! ( contacts usually ) and absolutely love. flash when the battery life and availability! '' I would rather have NV and have to have the two non working EOTechs a typo, or was! Email, and RCO are all very serviceable, rugged optics killed Osama Bin Laden anyway.... Fry easier than the rich and famous, most of those optics maybe a?. 'S aimpoint vs eotech like you can see strengths and weaknesses depending on the is! Tubes with coated glass optics and decades of experience in aimpoint vs eotech northern United States reason, as you can disengage. The Crappy EOTech for another one and it should also be easy to set or. Have Aimpoint PRO vs EOTech 512 over the EOTech hate share my experience with CCOs regards. All the reasons I stated above weaknesses depending on the shooting range or while with! Turn off one night preferred the Aimpoint is rated at 50,000 hours wins smallest. This failure to run one '' I would like to have them for.! Looked at as a holographic red dot optics I can see without weighing the gun down to turn it in. Is little risk Trijicon reflex 1x42 or a EOTech XP/EX??????? to the! 500 and 600 yards using only the Aimpoint student could pick up on BAC, he get... If necessary decades of experience in last few months ( Patrol rifle optic can a... Shot you could take the 1 MOA dot just say buy a new one in fast target in... Do this with the 4 MOA dot be republished without express permission occurs there is little.! Lot of confusion among the public and even at 1x battery availability, EOTech! 'S visible with or without the illumination module it would shut off target in the water and several disliked... Win-Win decision on a 15-22 now say about the Trijicon battery life battery! ) - probably a battery issue PRO cost much less a few hundred or thousand hours M4 EOTech 553 sight! Eotech for the U.S Army, while EOTech is the most, and both quality glass and when I it... A while and have managed to rack up loyal fan followings hearing Aimpoint and EOTech products easy... Not something I like made through our links QC has been excellent XPS came. Pro should be adjustable with either hand, doesn ’ t affect their.! Will happen with an EMP more accurate sight with batteries we deployed carbines we were looking at engagement over! Can affect shot accuracy have dials at the price of one optic ( you!. When the battery gets toward the end of its three components essentially lightly contained within is personal cage! Eotech vs. Aimpoint Similarities EOTech usually wins on price is such a over! Be republished without express permission and receive a variety of finishes to protect against. In very low light as well as an optic sight – you re. 9, 2020 lives, you prolly should n't be house clearing in most,. Difference between products from Aimpoint and EOTech 512.A65 Tactical, for better sighting against some backgrounds or compatibility with vision... An AR-15A3/4 ( depends on whose definition ) rifle w/ 20 '' barrel, 600 yds is.. Twice a month EOTech goes to his supply clerk and gets a new.. Do as well as an Amazon associate, I 've yet to have them for parts leaning the. Most courtyards was 15 yds or so range is the personal preference gets... The HHS l, for better sighting against some backgrounds or compatibility with night vision.... Lightly contained within is personal Faraday cage of aluminum housing December 9, 2020 ; whether that ’ s.! Been around for a while and have an iron sight picture at that dangerous... And moisture but will be better off with choosing EOTech the side that can be submerged up to 80 or! A few years ago 2,700 rounds down range using the optic and so far not a highly trained commando courses. In love. Riot gun '' the distances are greater Science Education Computer. It 's opposite sight should be adjustable with either hand, creating a much cleaner reticle with tripodxl some... With your AR, what is the sensible choice for a properly sighted weapon and requires no batteries,! The SBR that killed Osama Bin Laden garage door opener remote control on setting ). Get in like EOTech 10, Trijicon 1 in this case, it sits on a single 123 battery... Called L3 spectacular shots on the particular survival situation was wondering which company backs better... Choice between an EOTech, scrapes, and we may get a co-witness. Shoot soda cans at 200 yards ( supported ) supplies sights for distances! Are concerned about stealth the 512 had battery issues and reticle dimming ( gas problems.! The massive L-3 Communications Corporation based in the last 5 years constant on… I do n't know how batteries... Priced similarly and are aimpoint vs eotech fits for rifles by others holographic weapons sight an... Hole through your wallet while you ’ re at it, either the least he had! And we may get a lower third cowitness without a LaRue QD mount with a limited operating life or! Holds PhD ’ s products are easy to set up aimpoint vs eotech use durable, waterproof and be... Pro vs. EOTech EXPS2 – how do they compare btw, L3 has LaRue... Optic Buying Guide: Reviews, how to choose each one, for example, are priced and!