You’ll want to give the vinegar time to work through the pipes. Plus Mold, Mildew and Stain Removal - Mold smell from under sink leak - I had a fairly large leak under my kitchen sink. Vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda deliver a one-two-three knockout punch to most types of household mildew. Luckily, if you follow these few simple steps, your sink will start to smell brand new. Thanks for all your suggestions. We have a terrible sewage smell coming from under our kitchen sink. Finding mold is the key to getting rid of this horrible smell. It’s an inexpensive, non-toxic solution to this problem. Fill a bucket with some vinegar and water. A quick fix if you don’t want to try pouring water down the hole would be to spray Clorox Cleanup or a similar type of bathroom cleaner into the overflow hole and down the drain to get rid of the smell. We had a plumber out to fix it and he said the smell would be gone once it dried out. It may also have a musty smell. If your water softener smells musty you need to perform some basic maintenance steps. Cleaning out the P-trap under your sink is also an important way to get smells out of your sink. For best results, use it full strength, and don’t use the sink for some time after you pour it down the drain. Pour it into the overflow hole to kill the smell. If you have noticed an earthy stank coming from under your sink, you’re probably dealing with mildew. Cleaning and Restoration. Sometimes, a good hot flush is all the sink really needs. It’s a natural, recyclable solution to get the smell out from under your sink. Not all stinky sinks are food-related, though—you may have a plumbing issue … The baking soda will leave the trap smelling fresh. How to clean a stinky sink drain home musty smell in house 7 smells musty smell from one of my double sink remove mildew smell from a kitchen. For this reason, it's important to give your sink a clean-out every week , whether you have a … He wrote to pass along some information on RV sink plumbing that may be of interest, especially to those of you battling foul odors emanating from under the kitchen sink. Start Simple, Use Boiling Water. A buildup of bacteria in your sink overflow area can cause it to become stanky. //