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Facebook 'Manage Activity' Is a Long Overdue Privacy Feature

Wired Top Stories - 12 hours 31 min ago
The new “Manage Activity” feature will let you archive and bulk delete posts for the first time.
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A Reddit Community Has Become a Memorial for Covid-19 Victims

Wired Top Stories - 13 hours 1 min ago
Amid a pandemic, users have turned the subreddit r/LastImages into a digital shrine to remember loved ones lost to the disease.
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'He Thinks Division Helps Him': Biden Condemns Trump's Protest Response

Speaking in Philadelphia, the presumptive Democratic nominee says President Trump's actions show he "is more interested in power than in principle."

(Image credit: Matt Rourke/AP)

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Ice Melt Accelerates Regional Freshwater Depletion

NASA Image of the Day - 13 hours 17 min ago
A small glacier in the Arctic region of Norwegian archipelago Svalbard, as photographed by NASA's Airborne Tropical Tropopause Experiment (ATTREX).
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Indian Teen Bikes 700 Miles With Injured Dad, Is Hailed As Hero — And Sparks Debate

Her father worked in the city and got injured. His daughter came to care for him and took him home via bike. Ivanka Trump is among her admirers. But some ask: Why this was her only option?

(Image credit: BBC News Hindi)

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Music Companies Promise A Tuesday 'Blackout' For Black Lives

Record labels and other organizations will participate in a daylong moratorium on "business as usual," though some argue the actions don't do enough to address the industry's history of exploitation.

(Image credit: Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images)

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How to Sync and Access Your Data Across Devices (2020)

Wired Top Stories - 14 hours 31 min ago
Here's how to open all your files—so you can switch between your phone and laptop seamlessly.
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The WIRED Coronavirus Glossary

Wired Top Stories - 15 hours 31 min ago
Too many Covid-19 buzzwords? Here’s what they all mean.
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Rigorous Hand-Washing Will Be Part of Covid-19's New Normal

Wired Top Stories - 15 hours 31 min ago
The simplest hygiene tasks are the toughest to maintain—take it from the health care experts who have advice about how to make the habit stick.
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One Week After George Floyd's Death, Protests Continue Across The Country

From Minneapolis, to New York, to smaller cities such as Omaha, Neb., outrage over police brutality and systemic racism spills into the streets.

(Image credit: Timothy A. Clary/AFP via Getty Images)

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What We're Reading About The Past Week Of Protests

Here are some of the most illuminating stories that we've read this week about the uprisings across the nation, and what brought the country to this moment.

(Image credit: Carlos Barria/Reuteres)

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More Students Are ‘Stacking’ Credentials en Route to a Degree

Wired Top Stories - 16 hours 31 min ago
With record numbers of Americans jobless, some are turning to nontraditional programs that offer rewards for completing short courses on specific skills.
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Governors Push Back On Trump's Threat To Deploy Federal Troops To Quell Unrest

In a Rose Garden address and on a conference call with governors on Monday, the president threatened to send troops to states that didn't crack down sufficiently on demonstrations.

(Image credit: Patrick Semansky/AP)

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Tuesday's Primaries: Races To Watch And Live Results

Iowa Rep. Steve King faces a strong GOP primary challenger, after years of incendiary comments put him on the outs with his party. Eight states and the District of Columbia vote on Tuesday.

(Image credit: Charlie Neibergall/AP)

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Sports Figures Add Their Voices To Those Of Angry Protesters

In the days since George Floyd was killed while in police custody in Minnesota, sports figures have started speaking out, too. Some even joined the demonstrations that have swept the nation.

(Image credit: Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

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How To Get Sleep In Uneasy Times

Many people are struggling with insomnia like never before. Specialists explain why these times put an extra strain on our ability to get needed rest — and what to do about it.

(Image credit: d3sign/Getty Images)

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Opinion – Libraries Must Change

The New York Times – By Anthony W. Marx, president of the New York Public Library. To stay true to their mission during the coronavirus pandemic, libraries should offer more digital services. “As we face tragedy, devastating economic turmoil and dislocation, public libraries will play a key part in the recovery of our country, cities and lives. Libraries offer all people — regardless of background or circumstance — free access to the tools and knowledge they need to open doors of opportunity and be productive members of society. To remain true to their mission, all libraries must undergo radical change. To serve the public in the face of unprecedented challenges, libraries will need to transition their services to the virtual space and explore new avenues to serve the public and bring people together, even while we are apart. Since the New York Public Library has invested for years in digital offerings, we have been able to quickly transition and expand a wide variety of online services. Our goal has been to replicate, as best we can, the unique experience of being in a library while at home. We offer online story times, tutoring and other educational tools for parents coping with remote learning, virtual book clubs, author talks, a book discussion podcast, virtual consultations with reference librarians, interactive online book recommendations and small business and job search webinars that have attracted thousands of participants. We worked with vendors to provide at-home access to research databases, made available thousands of special collections and improved access to hundreds of thousands of free e-books to browse and borrow instantly via our e-reader. And that is only scratching the surface…”

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Trump's Unannounced Church Visit Angers Church Authorities

U.S. Park Police and National Guard troops used tear gas to remove protesters in front of the church and clear a way for the president to walk to the church from the White House.

(Image credit: Alex Brandon/AP)

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Park Police Tear Gas Peaceful Protesters To Clear Way For Trump Church Photo-Op

After U.S. Park Police and National Guard troops pushed demonstrators out of Lafayette Park, President Trump walked from the White House to St. John's Church where he posed for pictures with a Bible.

(Image credit: Alex Brandon/AP)

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“#LIBREV says library workers make libraries as institutions possible. The COVID-19 crisis has made it clear that it is time to recenter the conversation in our field. Libraries will be necessary and important to their communities as we begin to strategize and recover from this crisis. It’s time to treat library staff as if we are necessary and important, too.

In hopes of building affinity and solidarity among similar groups, and helping like-minded folks find their collective power in this challenging time, we are attempting to continue the momentum built at the May 4, 2020 #LIBREV conference in a different kind of space.

This is an invitation to join us in our online community. It may become something more, but here’s a place to start. Let’s get to work on building a better future together.”

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