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Cryptocurrency Mining Employees Expose Nuclear Plant to Internet

Wired Top Stories - 1 hour 10 min ago
Xbox eavesdropping, email scammers, and more of the week's top security news.
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Nobody’s Watching the Best Giant-Monster Movies

Wired Top Stories - 1 hour 10 min ago
"Colossal," "A Monster Calls," and "I Kill Giants" are terrific sci-fi films with weird, big themes. They all failed to connect with audiences.
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Opinion: We Are Risking Health And Life

The government wants to withhold flu shots from migrants in detention centers even though doctors advise vaccinations for all detainees promptly upon arrival.

(Image credit: Rick Friedman/Corbis via Getty Images)

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I Replaced My Oven With a Waffle Maker, and You Should Too

Wired Top Stories - 2 hours 10 min ago
Dust off that waffle iron and enter a world of cooking that goes way beyond breakfast.
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Nailed It: Bringing Science Into Nail Art

A young scientist decided that one way to get girls into science would be by painting neurons and parasitic worms on her nails.

(Image credit: Shuran Huang /for NPR)

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When Temperatures Rise, So Do Health Problems

Heatstroke tends to get the most attention during extreme heat waves. But other diseases are affected by high temperatures as well.

(Image credit: Jeenah Moon/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

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Honda's New Airbag Catches Your Head to Save Your Brain

Wired Top Stories - 3 hours 10 min ago
The automaker’s got a brand new bag, and it could reduce the chances of brain injury in some crashes by 75 percent.
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REI Labor Day Sale: 26 Best Outdoor Deals for 2019

Wired Top Stories - 3 hours 10 min ago
REI's annual Labor Day Sale has kicked off early, with deals on foldable kayaks, cargo bikes, headlamps, socks, and more.
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Houses Of Worship Find New Life After Congregations Downsize

As the percentage of Americans who belong to a church, mosque or synagogue declines, congregations are selling their buildings. Some of those former houses of worship are finding new life.

(Image credit: Shahla Farzan/St. Louis Public Radio)

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Elizabeth Warren Slams Student Loan Watchdog Hire As 'Outrageous'

Robert Cameron was a top lawyer for one of the country's largest student loan servicers. In documents obtained by NPR, Warren called his appointment a "slap in the face to student loan borrowers."

(Image credit: Bloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

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DOJ Says Psychologist Removed Jeffrey Epstein From Suicide Watch

The financier's suicide had created a demand for answers from the senior officials in charge of his care. He was being held pending trial on sex trafficking charges.

(Image credit: Mary Altaffer/AP)

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Florida Man Found Guilty Of Manslaughter Despite 'Stand Your Ground' Defense

Michael Drejka, who is white, shot and killed Markeis McGlockton, an unarmed black man, after a dispute over a handicapped space in a parking lot.

(Image credit: Pinellas County, Fla., Sheriff's Office via AP)

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DOJ Increases Power Of Agency Running Immigration Court System

The changes follow the Trump administration's efforts to decertify the immigration judges' union and speed up deportations.

(Image credit: Susan Walsh/AP)

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Vaping May Have Killed Someone, Health Officials Say

Wired Top Stories - Fri, 08/23/2019 - 17:56
An investigation into respiratory illnesses connected to e-cigs by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention turned up the first known death this week.
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Top Publishers Sue Audible, Alleging Encroachment On Text Territory

The seven plaintiffs, which include all of the publishing industry's Big Five, say the audiobook company is violating copyrights with a planned feature that would transcribe audiobooks for listeners.

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Why the Amazon’s On Fire, a Robocall Fight, and More News

Wired Top Stories - Fri, 08/23/2019 - 16:55
Catch up on the most important news from today in two minutes or less.
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Amazon Fires and the Horrifying Science of Deforestation

Wired Top Stories - Fri, 08/23/2019 - 16:50
At the core of Brazil's out-of-control fires in the Amazon is deforestation. Here's how human meddling fundamentally transforms a rainforest.
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Feds Charge 80 People Over Massive Online Fraud Conspiracy

One of the victims is a Japanese woman who sent more than $200,000 to a person she thought was a U.S. service member in Syria, according to the federal complaint.

(Image credit: Reed Saxon/AP)

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Court Says Idaho Must Provide Gender Confirmation Surgery To Transgender Inmate

Friday a panel of judges ruled that in denying a transgender inmate gender confirmation surgery, the state violated the Eighth Amendment.

(Image credit: Heath Druzin/Boise State Public Radio)

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California Says Its Cannabis Revenue Has Fallen Short Of Estimates, Despite Gains

The tepid results have prompted Gov. Gavin Newsom to revise his office's estimates of how much money the state will net from its cannabis industry.

(Image credit: Elijah Nouvelage/Reuters)

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